Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cool Yourself Down Tie

The summer is heating up.  The forecast is for a sweltering summer ahead.

For all those outdoor activities that we love to participate in, like a visit to the county fair, baseball games, soccer games, gardening, or exercising it's easy to get overheated by the extreme temperatures.  How about a Cool Yourself Down Tie?

These cool ties contain a water absorbing crystal that remain moist for days at a time.  Resting one of these ties on the neck helps bring down body temperature.  They can be re-moistened as needed, stored in the fridge for extra coolness, or when done, they dry to their original size for easy storage.

Free pattern download available on www.lovequilting.com.

Watersorb crystals also available at www.lovequilting.com.


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