Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Quilt

Pictured below is my TBT - Throw Back Thursday quilt.  I made this quilt for my husband shortly after he bought a 1967 Volkswagen Bus.  My inspiration was that I wasn't too sure he would always make it from point A to point B and just in case he got stuck somewhere and it was cold - he could use this quilt.  He loved it so much that the quilt never actually made it into the bus, but rather it's used on the couch.

It went together very simply.  Each block is pieced to have a driving surface for the wheels and a background like the sky or water.  Each bus is appliqued onto the block, then embellished with buttons for hubcaps.

I loved the fabric gathering stage of this quilt - it was so fun to personalize each bus.

For the quilting, I worked with a quilt designer to come up with a quilt design that I could use on my long arm that had 1960's elements.  It was perfect!  I quilted each block with that design, then used a simple wave in the sashings and a gecko design in the border.

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