Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wise Words Wednesday

This week's wise words were inspired from a recent sewing experience, which we have all probably experienced at one time or another.  I started sewing 2 pieces of fabric together and the fabric was being pushed into the needle plate hole instead of feeding nicely under the needle and out the back.

A few quilts back, I had cut a few too many 3-1/2" squares.  Not enough to make another project, but a few.  I've left them sitting beside my machine so they are handy if I want to try out a decorative stitch or stitch a sample buttonhole.  

Well, I just recently figured out, they make a great starter piece to whatever I'm sewing.  Since I feed this scrap under the needle, not necessarily at the edge, it doesn't get stuck and pushed into the needle plate hole.  Once my scrap is past the needle, I place my "to be sewed" piece in front of the needle and away it sews!

So, I've started keeping all the small pieces that are left over from cutting out a project and leaving a small scrap pile along side my sewing machine.

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