Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Golf Quilt

As my dad continues to recover from his 3 surgeries in the rehab facility, he mentioned to me that he's cold.  Even though it's summer, he spends most of his time there sitting in a wheel chair and considering the lack of activity and moving around, the air conditioning is making him cold.

Soooo, Nancy to the rescue!  What a great opportunity to make a quilt!!!

I went through the piles of my mom's fabric and found a great collection of golf themed fabric.  One of the pieces must have been a panel at one time, or intended as pillows or something.  All that was left of that piece was one large square with a golf scene which I used as the focal point of my quilt.

My desired size, after doing some research for quilts for people in wheel chairs, was 36" x 36".  A row of flying geese around the central block seemed appropriate, as I remember my dad talking about geese on the golf course back when he golfed.  Then I added a border and that brought me to my desired finished size.  Easy peazy!

I brought it into my longarm room and found the perfect golf themed quilt design containing golf bags, flags, tees, etc.  I used wool batting and flannel for the back, then put a wide flannel binding on it.


I'll see dad on Sunday - I think he's going to love it!

Do what you love - love what you do -