Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Free Tutorial Tuesday - Small Zippered Bag

Happy Tuesday!  Today's tutorial is for a small zippered bag.  The inspiration for this project came from a visit to Disneyland in which I didn't want to be burdened with a purse, but yet I needed to have some essentials.  Money, credit card, license, keys, cel phone and hand sanitizer.  

This small zippered bag accommodates all of that and I still have room for a pony tail holder, a couple of band aids and any other incidental that comes up.  In an effort to stay organized, I put 2 pockets inside the bag, one is sized to hold a cel phone similar to an iphone 5 and the other is sized to hold credit cards/driver's license.  There is also an optional strap on this bag which serves as a handle or allows the bag to hang on my wrist.

I love this useful, functional bag and have made several others as gifts or for various other uses.  Enjoy this pattern and I would love to see pictures of your small zippered bags!


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