Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free Tutorial Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  I have another free tutorial to share this week.

I absolutely love fabric - it is available in so many colors, shades, prints and combinations.  Fabric can help express a mood or a season in clothing, accessories or decor.

Recently, I visited my dad who is recovering from several surgeries, in fact he is having another one today.  He's currently in a rehab facility and is having to learn to walk and perform many daily routines all over again.  While I was there, I noticed a lot of people using canes.  And, as I often do, I was also daydreaming about all my lovely fabric and what I can make with it.  Suddenly, I thought, why couldn't I make a simple fabric cover for these canes to spruce them up?

When I got home, I set straight to work on that.  You could have a fabric cane cover to match every outfit, express your mood or be festive with holiday or seasonal fabric.  They could also be embellished with crystals, beads, appliques, bells, buttons, or anything that the imagination comes up with.  Options are endless!

Today's tutorial is for a very simple fabric cane cover.  If you don't know someone who uses a cane, how about making a few for a local assisted living facility or nursing home?  They take just a small piece of fabric and a small amount of elastic.  This would be a great item to make and sell at a craft show.

Click here for free tutorial.

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