Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wise Words Wednesday - The Right Tool for the Job

My husband works in construction, so he is very familiar with tools.  He can never walk past the power tool section of a home improvement store without stopping, and drooling!  He brings home new power tools probably more often than most, and he always predicates the reason for having to have it with, "you have to have the right tool for the job".

I didn't quite understand that fully until I started to quilt.  As quilters, we have many tools available to us as well and each one is designed with a purpose.  

When I'm working on a project, sometimes I don't have the right tool at my fingertips so I make do with what I do have, then I usually regret it.  Most recently, I was adding embellishments to a quilt - mainly sequins and beads.  I pulled out as thin of a needle as I had on hand and I struggled to get any beading accomplished.  About 1 out of 10 beads actually fit over the eye of the needle.

The very next day, I went out and purchased "beading needles" and wow is that much more productive!  Threading the needle is a bit of a challenge - maybe I should once again get the right tool for that job and buy thinner thread!

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