Monday, August 11, 2014

Lost Quilt - FOUND!!!

Happy Monday!  What are you working on?

I have a quilt that's been a work in progress for quite some time.  It is a McKenna Ryan design called Seabreeze.  I purchased the whole kit including all the embellishments.  I started piecing the top in January 2010.  The top was complete by March 2010.  Then I wasn't quite sure how to quilt it.  I would pull it out occasionally and contemplate the quilting, but nothing would come to me.  Finally in 2013, I had a plan!  It actually worked out well that I waiting that long, because by then, the software for my long arm had been updated to include some really neat new features which I used extensively on this quilt.  I was quite happy with the results.

After quilting, it went to my trusty friend Del who always does my bindings.  She's so much better at it than me and she enjoys it way more than I do.

Once the binding was done, all that was left was the embellishments.  We went on a family camping trip about a year ago and that was the perfect project to bring with me.  I did accomplish to get some done, but I remember really windy afternoons which made beading and stuff very difficult.

About 7 months ago, I was looking for my Seabreeze quilt and couldn't find it anywhere.  I looked everywhere - twice.  How could this happen?  How could you lose a quilt?  It's not like a small gizmo that you put in a drawer.  I considered that perhaps it was in the trailer from our camping trip.  My husband looked, but said it wasn't there either.

I considered filing a police report that someone broke into my house, unknowingly to any of us, and stole only that Seabreeze quilt.

As we make preparations to embark on another camping trip coming up in a few weeks for my son's hockey tournament, my husband went to our trailer again to do some work and said he found my quilt!  I guess in the 2 places it could possibly have been in the trailer, previously he only looked in one of those places!

So my Seabreeze quilt is back home with me!  Glad I didn't file that police report!  And now on with the embellishing and then it can finally be hung on a wall!!!  Hint:  Use a beading needle when applying beads!

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