Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Monday - What are you Working On?

For the past couple of weeks, I've been busy working on a string backpack.  If you're wondering why I've spent a couple of weeks on this project, it's because I've been extra particular.  There are plenty of free tutorials on the internet, but none of them suited my needs.  So, I've been playing with fabric, sewing and un-sewing, until I am finally satisfied.

I wanted my string backpack to be fully lined with no raw edges exposed.  I wanted a zippered pocket on the outside and a couple of pockets on the inside.  Along the way I decided to add a key clip to the inside as well.  I also wanted my casing opening to be stitched down to avoid frayed edges at the casing.

I'm quite pleased with the result of my hard work!  I'm in the process of putting the instructions together and will offer it as a free tutorial on when it is ready.  I realized as I'm putting together the instructions, that perhaps I should have taken more pictures.  I may have to make another one which will give me an opportunity to test my instructions and take more photos.

Don't you just love my model?!

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