Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Free Tutorial Tuesday

Happy Free Tutorial Tuesday.  Today's free tutorial is another Lovequilting.com exclusive, which was inspired by a newly received line of fabric.

When we received a new collection of fabric in the shop called Italian Vineyards from Elizabeth's Studios, I fell in love with it. As I was putting other fabric away, some watercolor batiks were stacked near the new fabric and I had a WOW moment when I saw how well they coordinated. It's as though they were meant to be together. I just had to come up with a project using the screen print Italian Vineyards with the batiks.

This free pattern, which can be downloaded by clicking here: http://www.lovequilting.com/shop/free-lovequilting-com-exclusive/italian-vineyards-table-runner/ 
includes everything you need, including the template for the ring and circle. There is also a kit available, by clicking here: http://www.lovequilting.com/shop/kits/italian-vineyards-table-runner-kit/ 
which includes a pre-fused, pre-cut (die cut) circle and ring.

With autumn right around the corner, this table runner looks fabulous on my table and it's sure to look great on yours too!
Enjoy this free pattern and please send pictures of your completed table runner!

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