Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Clover Wonder Clips

Clover Wonder Clips have been around for several years, having first been introduced as clips to hold binding in place when hand sewing to the back.  This was a great product as the clips have a substantial holding capacity for multiple layers.

Very often, I have asked myself why I wasn’t using the Wonder Clips to hold the zipper in place when attaching to a bag or the handles of a purse.  Using pins often creates a bump and distortion of the layers.  The question usually pops into my head as I’m completing the task.

Having made a mental note, recently I put the Wonder Clips out on my sewing table and started using them for common sewing tasks.  The Wonder Clips worked fantastically for every task I performed.  They have earned a permanent spot on my sewing table and from here forward I will always reach for the Wonder Clips first.

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