Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Does Modern Quilting Mean to You?

What does “modern quilting” mean to you?

If you google Modern quilting you will find information that defines modern quilting as a new approach to reflect a quilter’s personality and personal style.  Modern quilting embraces simplicity and minimalism as well as functionality.  We see the use of traditional quilt blocks set in an unsymmetrical display.  We also see simple squares and rectangles amongst large areas of background.  We see the use of bright solids including white backgrounds.  Modern quilts include a lot of closely placed quilting especially in the negative space to bring it to life.  Also, we are seeing no borders to frame the quilt, just minimal bindings.

A few months ago, we posted a tutorial on half square triangles which is one of the oldest and most used patches in quilting.  Half square triangles (HST) can be a great way to attempt to define your own modern quilting statement. 


Click here to download your copy of the free tutorial and click here to download your copy of the cutting chart.

The tutorial includes some full color examples of HST placement to achieve completely different looks based on color placement and position of the half square triangle, but here’s a few more uses of HST with a modern twist:

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