Monday, September 29, 2014

What are you working on - Coasters!

Due to a change in my son’s hockey team schedule, I had an opportunity to spend a big chunk of time in my sewing room.  I worked on several projects and even cleaned it up a tiny bit!

As I was winding down, I poured myself a glass of wine and I used a new coaster that I had made, so that is what I would like to share with you today.

I used fabrics that coordinate with a table runner that I shared last month.  Wouldn’t this be a great hostess set as we approach the holidays?!

Instructions are below, or for a free downloadable, printable version - click here.


Finished size:  4” x 4”

Each coaster requires 6 – 4-1/2” squares.  Four will be the coaster top, one will be the coaster bottom and one will be the coaster lining.

1 Piece of fusible fleece 4” x 4”

All Seams are 1/4".

Fuse fleece centered to the bottom of the coaster.

Fold the 4 squares of fabric for the coaster top in half diagonally and press.

Layer as follows:  Bottom of coaster right side down, lining right side up, then alternate triangles lining up right angles (raw edges) with folded edge towards center.  When placing the last triangle, remember to put it under the first triangle.

I use clips to hold all layers in place so they don’t get distorted by pins.

Sew around all 4 sides.  Clip corners, turn, carefully poke out corners and press.

Coaster can be enjoyed with your beverage sitting atop coaster or it can become a portable coaster for a wine glass!

Be sure to check out for the collection of Italian Vineyards fabric used above.

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