Monday, September 8, 2014

Wrong Side of Fabric

In quilt making, we often try to achieve the perfect balance of light, medium and dark to create movement and depth to our project.

You can dye your own fabric to get the perfect color or shade, but sometimes the perfect fabric is right in front of us.

Have you ever looked at the wrong side of your fabric?  The print is exactly as the front, and the color, although a paler shade, is of the same tone.  Of course this is only true of screen printed fabrics which are only printed on one side.  Solid cottons as well as batiks often look identical both front and back.

If you are looking for a muted or pastel shade of your front fabric, look to the back.

Interestingly, when we did our back to school shopping recently, my handsome 13 year old son picked out a button down shirt to add to his wardrobe.  I happened to notice that the shirt was made with the wrong side of the fabric facing out to give it a more muted look.  I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t taken a closer look, but upon closer look, this shirt looked exactly as it was intended!

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