Monday, September 22, 2014

Have Your Candy AND Your Candy Bag Too!!!

Did you ever have a container that spilled it’s contents every time you opened it?  I had such a container that my Clover Wonder Clips came in.  Every time I went to get some clips, I had clips everywhere and I kept saying, I need to make a bag to hold these. 

The other day, a couple of clips worked their way behind a stack on my cutting table and when I moved it to get the clips, I found an empty bag of M&M’s!  Wonder who ate those?!

Actually it was me!  I ate the M&M’s in the interest of a creative project - to create this enviironmentally friendly pattern for a zippered, recycled candy bag.  Download the free instructions here and now you too can have your candy and your candy bag too!

My Clover Wonder Clips are safely stored in my Zippered Candy Bag!

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