Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wise Words Wednesday - Fall Cleaning

There are a few tasks in life that don’t require a lot of effort, but they do require remembering to complete them and also remembering when the last time these things were done.  The first is changing the batteries in my smoke detectors and the second is cleaning/changing air filters for the heating/AC system.  I use the start of spring and the start of fall to complete these tasks because I think about the upcoming use of the AC and heater for their respective seasons.  It makes it very easy for me to remember.

This is also a great time to perform maintenance on your sewing machine.  I love my machine and so I take very good care of it so that it continues to take very good care of me.  I do clean my machine and change my needle more often than once every 6 months, but it is at these spring/fall milestones that I take extra care to deeper clean my machine.  Of course, every machine is different and it is best to follow the care instructions for your particular machine.

I was able to clean quite a bit of dust and lint from my machine, and now it is happy and ready to start on upcoming holiday projects!

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