Monday, September 15, 2014

Double Sided Fusible Applique

There is more than one way to approach applique.  This post is about double sided fusible applique.  There are a variety of double sided fusible products available, so it’s always important to read the fusing instructions that come with that particular product, to achieve best results. 

The double sided fusible is fused to the “wrong side” of the fabric.  The desired shape can be pre-drawn on the paper, the shape can be free hand cut, cut with a die cutter or simply drawn after fusing.  Cut the desired shape, remove the paper and place the shape “right side up” on the “right side” of the background fabric.  Re-position as desired and then fuse into place.

Once the shape is fused into place, you may decide to add some stitching around the edge.  This would be highly recommended if the item is going to be washed repeatedly.  The thread can be matching or contrasting and of course, the stitch used is a personal preference.  You may choose to place a straight stitch very close to the edge, use a blanket stitch, zig zag stitch, satin stitch or any other decorative stitch you desire.

I use this technique of applique quite often because I find it offers me flexibility to use shapes with sharp points, tight curves, or other such details.

We have put our exclusive kits with applique on sale this week.  We have a variety of Hawaiian die cut applique kits – Dancing Dolphins, Hawaiian Hula Flower and Santa’s on his Way, as well as the Italian Vineyards Table Runner.  These kits feature pre-fused, pre-cut applique shapes.  All you need to do is place as desired, fused in place and stitch and/or incorporate into your project.

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